National Fire Protection provided the fire protection system installation during the construction of the Houston Holocaust Museum renovations. This project consisted of wet pipe fire sprinkler systems and a new fire pump. The system was a new installation connecting to the existing in place system on site.

With a deep history of working on museum projects, National Fire Protection was a trusted contractor to ensure that the artifacts and the visitors to the facility were protected.

TheĀ Holocaust Museum HoustonĀ is located inĀ Houston’sĀ Museum District, in theĀ U.S. stateĀ ofĀ Texas. The Holocaust memorial museum is the fourth largest in the U.S. and opened in 1996.

A major commitment of the Holocaust Museum Houston is education. The Boniuk Center houses Holocaust Museum Houstonā€™s Education Department, including four classrooms, staff offices, storage rooms and a library. Holocaust Museum Houston Engines of Change Student Ambassador Program introduces Houston-area high school students to Holocaust history and enables them to better understand current issues and to develop their own informed opinions and voices. The Educator in Motion program is a free school and community outreach program that provides educational programming on the Holocaust, genocide, social justice, and active citizenship in school and community settings.


Houston, Texas


McCarty Builders




2017 – 2018


Wet Systems, Dry Systems