DC Court of Appeals

Washington, DC

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals building can trace it origins to 1820. One of the oldest public buildings in Washington, it served as the city’s first city hall upon its completion. Since its construction, it has been renovated and expanded several times, as well as serving as a jail for POWs and a temporary hospital during the Civil War. The most recent expansion was completed in 2009, the culmination of a seven year process that proceeded a three year period of vacancy.

National Fire Protection was very excited to be part of the team on this project, as the building was being restored to its former glory. The finishes within the building are very high end; the fire protection systems were installed in chases and plaster cut outs on account of the historical nature and quality of the interior. Upon completion, the entire fire protection system was seamless, concealed, and appeared as if it were part of the original construction. NFP designed and installed dry pipe sprinkler systems, wet system standpipes and risers, and a new fire pump.