Washington Dulles International Airport Fuel Tank Farm

Chantilly, VA

This project actually consists of two separate projects performed by National Fire Protection. The first, completed in 2004, was the construction of six new 2.35 million gallon Jet-A fuel storage tanks for which NFP provided the complete fire protection systems. The work consisted of the construction of a new fire pump house taking suction off a two million gallon water storage tank feeding five 3500 gpm fire pumps. This pumping capacity was fed into two separate underground fire protection systems, each with a separate cross-connection backflow prevention system installed, one for the foam systems and one for hydrant, sprinkler, and water spray protection. The aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) system is based on six 5500 gallon storage tanks feeding an electric and back-up diesel foam pumps. The Jet-A tanks are protected on the interior with foam chambers and the exterior dike areas are protected by a total of 144 foam makers. Additionally, each Jet-A tank is protected with a custom fabricated radial bent water spray piping system to cool an opposing tank. The project also included wet sprinkler systems in a total of five buildings, including the two-story administration building for the fuel operations.

The second project was completed in 2008 and consisted of three new 8 million gallon Jet-A fuel settling tanks. Again, NFP provided for the complete fire protection systems. For this project, a second two million gallon water storage tank was added to the pump house built in the first project, along with an expansion of that pump house, adding two additional 3500 gpm fire pumps and a separate 1000 gpm fire pump to serve as the primary fire pump system for the dedicated fire protection supply system for all of the airport. A new system of cross-connection backflow prevention assemblies were provided to supply the two underground supplies to the projects, as well as the primary connection for the dedicated fire protection supply system. The foam systems are supplied by a new dedicated foam building that includes one electric and one back-up diesel AFFF foam pump and two 5000 gallon foam concentrate storage tanks. The project required the installation of 6” through 24” underground welded fire protection piping and above ground welded fire protection piping ranging from 2½” to 24”. The dike areas surrounding the Jet-A tanks are protected with 66 foam makers and 24 deck foam guns,

and the interior of the Jet-A tanks are protected by 12 foam chambers. Again, the exteriors of the fuel storage tanks are protected by a water spray system consisting of cooling rings constructed from welded fire protection piping that was fabricated to bend around the fuel storage tanks to cool the tank as exposure protection, should an event occur. Additionally, the work included the wet sprinkler systems for a total of four new buildings and the expansion of the water pump house.