Special Hazards

Special hazard fire protection systems are the perfect solution in areas or buildings where a standard, water based, fire sprinkler system is not an option. Special hazard systems are specifically designed to quickly detect and intercept fire or heat conditions, suppress fires when sprinklers are not appropriate as the first and only means of fire protection, mitigate business interruption, limit the loss of assets and most importantly protect people. Some examples of where special hazard systems are generally found include data centers, telecommunications, power generation, manufacturing and testing facilities, machinery spaces and healthcare facilities. These types of environments generally call for specialized suppression agents as an alternative to water. Some of these agents include foam, dry chemical, water mist, clean agent, CO2 and inert gases. National Fire Protection, LLC has the experience to work with you whatever special circumstance you may have, to provide the right protection tailored for you.

Special Hazards Portfolio