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Fire Protection Service & Repair

At some point in time, all fire sprinkler systems and equipment require service. Moving parts wear, strainers clog, and batteries fail, or maybe you’re planning to expand or renovate an existing space. These are just a few examples of when our skilled fire sprinkler technicians can provide superior service to perform routine inspections or renovation projects- all at competitive rates.

National Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection contractor. This means we are capable of providing for all your fire protection needs including inspections, service and repair.

Service & Repair Capabilities

What We Can Do For You

At National Fire Protection our goal is to provide our clients with a fire protection system that they can be confident will protect their lives and property. To maintain this standard, we specialize in various systems and services we can provide to our customers. These include:

  • Wet pipe fire protection systems
  • Dry pipe fire protection systems
  • Pre-action fire protection systems
  • Deluge fire protection systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Suppression based fire protection systems
  • Fire protection system inspections
  • Fire protection system maintenance and repairs
Fire Protection Services